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12.  RUSSIA : The Kremlin - Moscow  :  1994 - 10 September :

This is a walled ‘fortification’ within the city, but somehow not quite what you expect. Political buildings, of course, but monuments, squares, space to walk around and Cathedrals. Historically it has been the scene of decisions that had world wide significance … home to Ivan the Terrible and Stalin's terrors, where Napoleon watched Moscow burn, Lenin planned the proletariat state and Khrushchev and Brezhnev led the communist cold war … but also the centre of the Russian Church.

The Kremlin from Red Square                                          Red Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum                                             St Basils - from the rear

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lenin’s Statue

Inside The Kremlin …. Cathedral of Annunciation in Cathedral Square                   Grand Kremlin Palace

13.  UZBEKISTAN : Samarkand – The Registan  : 1994 - 10 September :

A magical name from history and synonymous with the ancient ‘silk route’ from China. Samarkand was already old when captured by Alexander the Great in 329 BC.

The first sight of the The Registan faced on three sides with huge majestic Madrassas is stunning.


The Registan with Madrasa of Ulugh Berg; Sher-Dor Madrasah and Tilla-Kori Madrasah           Madrasa of Ulugh Berg

Bibi Khanym Mosque                                                     Gue Emir Mausoleum - burial place of Tamarlane

                                                                                                                                                    local market

Samarkand from the hotel roof top

14.  ZIMBABWE : Great Zimbabwe  :  1997 - 19 January

These ancient ruins situated on a rocky hilltop are claimed to be the second oldest in Africa after the Egyptian sites and although not well known are remarkable and provide the name for the modern Country of Zimbabwe. Construction by the Shona people started in the 11th Century and continued for some 400 years. At its peak it probably housed around 18.000 people and is now recognised as a World heritage Site by UNESCO

First view of the ruins ……                                                                                                                         steps up and                     entrance

Inside the site

                                                                                     [left] High Priest’s Chambers.

                                                                                     [below]  on the plain below is the Great Enclosure and within it

                                                                                                  the mysterious Conical Tower

15.  AUSTRALIA : Sydney Harbour Bridge :  1998 - 8 June

There are bridges  … and then there’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.  You think you know what to expect but when you first see it the sheer size of the structure is still breath taking. Climb up from the harbour side and look out from the bridge across for a spectacular view of the Opera House.

                                                                                                                                                                   The Opera House from below The Bridge

                                                                              close up the size is unbelievable

                                                                                     and when you climb up to walk across

16.  INDIA : Land of contrast and colour - Jaipur street market  :  1995 - 9 November

The ancient lifestyle that still exists in today’s modern world. The everyday dust and dirt against the vibrant colours and cleanliness of the people and the old style street sellers against modern shops and of course the inevitable cows walking freely wherever they liked. India - land of contrast.

  street scenes and ………………………………………………………………………………………           Jaipur: Hawa Mahal – Palace of the Winds

17.  THAILAND : Damnoen Saduak, floating market  :  1995 - 13 November :

Different is an understatement. A multitude of small boats with fruit, vegetables and cooked foods and the bustle of a market - but on water! It has to be seen to be believed.

18.  CHINA : Turfan Oasis : Miim-Ajie Kares Well  :  1994 - 18 September 14.00

Another memory from school geography. The oasis city of Turfan [Turpan], situated on the northern edge of the Turfan Depression was a crucial oasis on the northern silk road. It has a harsh desert climate with low rainfall and a summer temperature as high as 50°C [122°F] while winter can drop to -30°C [-20°F].  Nevertheless it is very fertile with a system of man made underground wells and waterways which allow production of grapes and wine along with other crops for the population of over 250,000

Flaming Mountains – hottest area of the Turfan Depression                                                               View of the desert town of Turfan from Emin Mosque

Miim-Ajie Kares Well                                                                                          grape drying and …                                   walking trough a vineyard

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