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I’ve had four major hobbies each with a higher priority at different stages of my life.

In my early teens just as the war ended I took up football and followed my father into playing for the village team which continued after I moved to Sussex with teams in Ferring aand Worthing until I was about 30

By then I had started playing the guitar and was involved with fok music for the next 40 years including Ritual Drama - known as Mumming.

Although I didn’t pursue my time at art schol with painting I did take up photography and in my 40’s took an advanced course - this becames particularly useful when I started travelling and led to hundreds of ‘photos around the world. Although I had always travelled this had been largely confined to Europe until I retired - then for 8 years the life long fascination with world took over.

As long ago as 1955 I was introduced to and briefly enjoyed lawn bowling but put it aside as something to try later. Forty-three years later I did and joined Hangleton my local club.

This section covers my interest in singing, Mumming and bowls.