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My dream of travelling the world started when I was about nine years old and attending The King Alfred School. Geography became my favourite subject with a particular love of maps, followed by history and art. Two years later my Geography master at Letchworth Grammar created a vision of travelling round the world by train crossing Europe to Moscow, then the Trans Siberian across Russia to Vladivostok and on to Vancouver to travel to Toronto on the Canadian Pacific. The world was a fascinating place I wanted to see for myself and it created my life long ambition to travel.

Now I’ve visited all the major continents and been inside an Egyptian Pyramid, sailed on The Nile at sunset in native felucca, visited both Niagara and Victoria falls, walked on the ‘floating’ islands on lake Titikaka, seen the sunrise over Machu Picchu, walked right round the base of Uluru [Ayres Rock], visited the Samarkand, the Turfan depression, the Kremlin, Taj Mahal and walked the Great Wall and many more wonderful places.

This section sets out where and when together with 30 of my most memorable places …….  read on >>>>

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