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Saree - the talking cat

International Premier Majesticoon Saree - Saree for short - [an Arabic word meaning 'Most Noble'] was a black silver classic tabby born on 31 August 1997 On 3 January 2013 after just over 15 years of wonderful companionship I sadly had to say farewell to this devoted little girl as she succumbed to hyperthyroidism and a neurological complication.

Rather small and light for a Maine Coon but very pretty she only went to nine shows, but still managed to attain an International Premier title. However she clearly didn’t enjoy show life so after that she retired to a quiet and peaceful life at home which she loved. Not for her the public display, all she wanted was to relax at home.

She had a strong maternal instinct and ‘mothered’ me. Throughout her life at bed time she would always get on the bed, sit beside you and purr away quietly until she thought you were dropping of to sleep and then creep away to her own bed sited on a bedside cabinet next to he pillow. In the morning she was always there on the bed when I woke up.

AND she talked! With little or no provocation she chatted away. When you came home or when you walked into a room where she was, the slightest opportunity she was ‘talking’ to you. She developed an amazing vocabulary with a range of sounds. She ‘spoke’ to you and when you responded would go on chattering back and forth for minutes at a time.

She was also the most playful of the cat family - both as a kitten and right though until a few days before the end.

Saree was the first cat to arrive and when, after some 18 months, Taro arrived [and indeed for the rest of their time together] she always viewed him as an intruder and kept a careful distance between them - except for a few days when Kanati first arrived when she and Taro both moved into the bottom of the wardrobe to stay away from that ‘new little monster’.

Sadly, gone but loved dearly and never forgotten.  R.I.P. Wonderful talkative little friend Saree

Hiding in the wardrobe

  with Taro to avoid Kanati