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Rafiq and Rana  - the twins




Grand International Premier Kittycoonz Rafiq Sableshadow, Rafiq for short [an Arabic name meaning 'companion' or 'friend'] was a black classic tabby born on 11 November 2001  

He arrived on 29 January 2002 together with his twin sister Rana as 3 month old cheeky faced pet and show cats and when they arrived neither Taro nor Kanati were very friendly while Saree disappeared completely. After a while however Taro ‘adopted’ them and started to wash and generally look after both of them - firmly establishing himself as their master. Kanati, meanwhile who was only 10 months older soon recognised Rafiq in particular as a play mate and conspirator in little mischiefs.

Rafiq rapidly grew into a very large and ‘handsome’ cat, similar in size to his big brother Taro, at over metre long from nose to the tip of his tail and weighing almost 2 stone [11kg]. He would greet you, if he had the chance, with a very hard but friendly head butt  and lived up to his name as companion with middle of the night visits to you in bed - not on but IN the bed.  He would jump up then paw at the bed clothes until you were awake enough to lift them up so he could snuggle down between us where he cuddled up with much purring for sometimes 30 - 40 minutes. He was a very tactile pet, always wanting to reach out one of his  paws to touch you and then, if you offered him a hand, he would wrap one of his huge front paws round your finger tip to ‘hold hands’.

Although Rafiq had all the physical characteristics for a superb show cat his disposition was shy and retiring. His greatest love in life was relaxing at home. Unlike Taro who was an extrovert showman and met everyone at the door, the slightest hint of a visitor and Rafiq disappeared into the bedroom - often into the bed where he ‘hid’ under the the bed cover with just a large hump in the middle of the bed disclosing his ‘hiding’ place. He would only emerge and slowly creep into the lounge after an hour or so and preferably after any visitor had left.

In later life as he matured he became more and more a ‘lap’ cat climbing onto a lap for a cuddle and fuss accompanied with a loud purr. Despite his shyness in public he still achieved considerable success at shows. Starting slowly as a kitten with two seconds in 2002 he quickly grew into a very large well muscled cat and gained his ‘Premier’ title in 2003 followed by ‘International Premier’ in 2004 and ‘Grand International Premier’ the following year. At that point, having been to 20 shows and winning 15 Certificates and three Best in Variety awards, we stopped showing him and he settled down to a happy retirement at home.

Late at night on the 25 October he suffered a seizure and was unable to walk properly. A quick dash to the emergency vet but he suffered further fits and was detained overnight for blood test and observations. Next day he had a scan and was sedated to keep him comfortable but despite a reassuringly good blood test they located a large growth in his stomach and a problem with his kidneys. In addition, as a result of the fits, he was - at least for the moment - both blind and deaf and had suffered further fits. With these additional problems and the size of the tumour the prognosis was very poor and in the evening of 26 October 2011 with heavy hearts and much sorrow I said a sad farewells. There had been virtually no forewarning of any illness and 48 hours earlier he had been his normal self.

Not just a pet but a truly wonderful companion. Gone but not forgotten and greatly missed by me and his friend Kanati.   R.I.P. Rafiq Sableshadow.

Grand International Premier Kittycoonz Princess Rana, just Rana normally [an Indian name meaning 'eye catching' or 'beautiful object'] was a blue tortie classic tabby with white and twin sister to Rafiq.  Like her brothers she grew rapidly into a very large and extremely pretty cat - far larger even than the average female Maine Coone.

Unlike her brothers however who loved company she was a very independent cat and something of a loner except when she wanted to eat and then she would sit and meow very loudly until I went with her to the kitchen where she waited to be stroked before eating. Nevertheless she enjoyed attention and purred very long and loud when stroked.

Kanati became her ‘special’ friend and she absolutely adored him - always wanting to lie next to him although he was a little more reticent as they grew older. Nevertheless they frequently sat and washed each other and would on occasions curl up next to each other to sleep. As kittens they also played together

It was her love of food that eventually led to her becoming somewhat overweight and curtailed a highly successful show career which saw her achieving a Premier, International Premier and Grand International Premier titles as well as going over half way to becoming a European Premier before as, should we say, Ladies of a certain age - particularly if they are Neuters - tend to develop a more generous figure.

So at the age of four with six of the ten certificates required for her ‘European’ title secured she retired from showing. During her four year career however she outdid both Taro and Rafiq winning 8 cups. Her full show record was 25 Shows [2 as a Kitten] 24 Wins [22 Certificates], Thirteen Nominations, one Best In Variety, six Best Opposite Sex Neuter Awards [and cups] and two Best Opposite Sex in Category Awards [and cups]

In the early hours of Monday 31 December 2012 she was lifeless on the floor in the bedroom having apparently suffered a heart attack. Prior to that she had been her normal self and earlier in the evening had as usual ‘asked’ me to go to the kitchen with her for some food.

A lovely friendly cat much missed by me and her ‘special’ companion Kanati.
R.I.P. Princess Rana

Show time

                 Taro with Rana                           and                  Taro washing Rafiq