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Memorable Holiday Moments 19 - 24

19.  CHINA : Goachang Ruins lying 40km south of Turfan : 1994 - 18 September 9.00am

While China is recognised as an ancient civilisation with many historical buildings the ruins of the ancient city of Goachang are little known but certainly interesting. The site dates from 100 BC but declined around 850 AD and was abandoned by the C14th. Set in the Turfan Depression it was an influential trading post along the ancient silk road from China to the West

The site is wide spread and local transport is needed to get round and yes …. even camels.  Well this is the southern edge of the Gobi Desert

20.  CHINA : Mingsha Mountains – Gobi Desert  : 1994 - 19 September 2.00 pm

Another memory from school geography lessons - three miles south of the town of Dun Huang stand the Mingsha [Ringing or Singing] Mountains, a range of sand dunes, 25 miles long, 12 miles wide and up to 500 feet high with the Crescent Moon Lake and spring nearby which has never silted up in over 1,000 years.  The first view is impressive, driving along a road that ends with an ornate oriental wall and gate leading through to the desert and massive sand dunes towering towards the sky.

21.  THAILAND : Chakri Mahaprasad, [Grand Palace]  :  1995 - 12 November : 2.15 pm

Approaching the Palace you see a rather plain low white wall, but showing above it and stretching up are decorative spires and roofs - a hint of what lies beyond ……. Unbelievably ornate structures.

On the banks of the Chao Phraya River at the heart of Bangkok is The Grand Palace the official residence of the Kings of Siam (later Thailand) from 1782, when the state capital moved to Bangkok, until 1925  Today it is still used for official events.

Chakri Maha Prasad : Grand Palace

                                                                             Royal Chapel and Temple of Emerald Buddha

22. PERU : Sacsayhuaman  : 1996 - 17 October : 2.00 pm

A short drive from Cusco brings you to the huge structure of Sacsayhuaman although only about 20% of the original fortification remains.  Not the best known Inca ruins but very impressive site.  It contains three different areas the most obvious being the three tiered zigzag walls of the main fortification. The blocks are enormous, some weighing many tons but all hand shaped and transported long distances to this site.   Amazingly they are so well shaped and fit so tightly together that it is not possible to insert even a piece of paper between the stones. For sheer size it must rival the Egyptian pyramids.

         ruins …………………                                                                                                                       and a tame Condor

23.  MEXICO : Uxmal  : 1999 – 25 September : 9.15 am

The extensive ruins of the Maya civilisation at Chichen Itza which I had visited earlier are impressive in size but due to being largely reconstructed lack something in atmosphere. Uxmal however, although a smaller site, possessed much more of an aura. The buildings are closer together and more inter-related.  Founded around 500 AD Uxmal was largely abandoned around 1000 AD - partly because of successive failures of the rains and partly as the result of war that shifted power to other cities.- although there are some signs of habitation as late as 1500 AD

                                                                                                                                    the infamous … Juego de Pelota : Ball Court]

Piramide del Advina  : Oval shaped Pyramid of the Magician

 Cuadrangalo da la Monjar [Nunnery]                                              and Gran Piramide ..

Steps to the Governor’s Palace and Temple of Magician

24.  PERU : Colca Canyon  : 1996 - 13 October : 10.30 am

Having stayed overnight at Colca Lodge [10,000 ft] and suffered altitude sickness first thing in the morning then drove up to the Cross of the Condor [11,200 ft] situated at Colca Canyon which, with a depth of 10,725 feet, is one of the deepest in the world and twice that of the Grand Canyon. Watched a condor take of from the floor of the canyon and ride the thermals up and past where we were standing to soar high in the air above us. Spectacular!


                 Overnight at : Colca Lodge hotel ….10.000 ft

                       Colca Gate on the way up to Cross of the Condor ..


                                                                                                            Cross of the Condor …. 11,200 ft


                                                                                                            Locals selling souvenirs to tourists ..